Projects Overview

The WHRN is working to stimulate and support distributed nodes of activity at key BC institutions to achieve broad research/e-research development and knowledge translation goals. From the Network’s launch in September 2005, five clusters of research that build on existing research strengths were supported, led by researchers at key institutions that have been involved in the development of the WHRN. Other research clusters will emerge in the course of the networking process. These research clusters are cross-institutional and interdisciplinary in membership and focus, and designed to become intersectoral and international in scope.

These distributed nodes of activity are supported by centralized coordination and facilitation for the purposes of network development and technical support. The following types of networking support are ongoing:

  • face-to-face meetings with researchers and collaborators from across the province
  • regular topic-oriented virtual sessions aimed at enabling knowledge exchange and research involvement
  • provincial and regional face-to-face and/or virtual sessions in support of the work of the four research clusters
  • work with the MSFHR on the further development of a database of health researchers with an interest in women’s health
  • work with other networks on sex and gender mainstreaming opportunities
  • development of the WHRN website

Researchers and collaborators are invited to get involved with the research clusters, advisory committees and communities of practice currently working in several distinct areas relating to women’s health research. The WHRN is also interested in supporting new research efforts and collaboration from across the province. Through videoconferenced workshops and the use of other new technologies, researchers throughout British Columbia have the opportunity to share ideas and build new opportunities for collaboration

Click here to read more about the four research clusters.

For more information on these initiatives or to suggest ideas for the upcoming year, contact our Provincial Networking Coordinator Susan Dixon or WHRN Co-Leader Nancy Poole at the BC Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health.