Express Entry Medical Examination: Unlock Every Detail

People who apply for Canadian permanent residence need to stay abreast with a system known as Express Entry. It is a process followed by the Canadian Government for channelizing and managing various applications. The authority decides on the programs with the aid of economic immigration measures.

In short, it can be said that Express Entry is a unique program designed to smooth the way for immigration of the competent workers. Apart from, going through the formalities of documentation, individuals also need to present a bona fide medical report to clear this process. Realizing their pursuit of growth, a few hundreds of people every year apply for the program. However, due to their vague knowledge, many often find the entire process of medical test quite perplexing.

For those who are almost on the verge of being a basket case, fret not. Bide the time and take a look through the details regarding the medical examination and medical report for a hassle-free execution.medical report

Starting with the Mandatory Rule:

According to the regulation, both the applicants and dependents need to undertake the medical test to qualify for Express Entry. However, they must ensure that their elected physicians are approved by CIC (IRCC) to conduct the test. Applicants failing to adhere to this rule, in spite of producing medical report will be subject to dismissal.

An applicant can choose a physician based on his location. All he needs to do is call the office of the doctor to schedule an appointment for Upfront Medical examination for Express Entry. Upon confirmation, he must ask about the fees and the required documents to undergo this test.

The main advantage of prior booking is that all the tests can be completed within a single visit. Depending on an individual’s location, the appointment is generally confirmed within a week. So, doing a little homework earlier ease the process of medical examination.


An applicant needs to furnish the following documents during his upfront medical test:

  1. Previous physical report if any
  2. 4 copies of passport size photographs
  3. Other relevant documents as per regulation

Important Things to Remember:

  1. The validity of this medical report is 1 year. Moreover, at the time of submission, the report needs to have a minimum validity of 6 months.
  2. These reports are generally not shared with the candidates. As per the guideline, the physicians send the reports directly to CIC (IRCC)  for the final decision.
  3. A doctor may ask for additional tests as and when required.
  4. The candidates need to take account of their immigration medical examination number (IME) at the time of submission.
  5. Moreover, people must undertake the tests at least a couple of weeks before submitting the post ITA application. This is an ingenious way to dodge the last moment inconvenience.
  6. To do away with backlog situations, people must book an appointment well in advance.
  7. Furthermore, it is always wise to carry extra copies of CICs upfront medical test page & ITA for seamless execution of the entire process.

Express Entry Medical Examination

Taking account of all these steps will ensure a successful medical examination test for Express Entry program. However, people must keep one thing in mind. The ultimate decision based on the medical report will be made by the authority and not the physician.

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