Essiac Tea: A Cure for Cancer Treatment

Essiac tea is a brew that is named after Rene Caisse who was a nurse. The name of the tea is actually her name, which is spelt backwards. She got to know about the recipe for the tea from a patient. At that time she was tending patients in Ontario, Canada. After she became sure of the effects of the recipe, she used it on her family members to cure them of the curse of cancer. Essiac tea cancer proved to be the unexpected cure that everybody was looking for cancer. She treated thousands of patients with this special recipe and to the surprise of all; most of the patients were cured of cancer. The cured patients have become proof that the tea can cure any kind of cancer.

essiac tea cancer

Who Discovered The Recipe?

Even though Rene brewed and administered the recipe to thousands of cancer patients, she was not the discoverer of the recipe. An Ojibwa Native American medicine man was the first one who had discovered the astounding qualities of the essiac tea cancer.

How Rene Worked With The Patients Then?

Rene had to take permission to even set up the clinic. There she could only treat the patients who were terminally ill. She had to treat the patients under the watchful supervision of a qualified physician. In every few years, Rene used to make an appointment with the Minister of health for Ontario with a petition signed by 55000 patients in an effort to make her treatment legalized. Despite the efforts, the petition was never granted.

Advancement of The Formula

Nurse Caisse researched and made the recipe of the medicine man perfect. She tested various herbs in the laboratory and tested the concoction on mice and human cancer patients, in search for the perfect formula of essiac tea cancer. She reduced the number of all of the herbs and decided that only four of them are really necessary for the tea.

The Herbs

The essiac tea consists only four herbs that help the body to detoxify. The names of the four herbs are burdock root, Sheep sorrel, slippery elm, and turkey rhubarb. Rene believed that all of these four ingredients make the essiac tea cancer so special.

Burdock Root Health Benefitsessiac tea for cancer

Numerous useful compounds can be found in the burdock plants. The root contains a good amount of potassium, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc calcium and phosphorus in it. It is low in sodium, which is good for cancer patients.

Sheep Sorrel Health Benefits

This herb has an abundant treasury of Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E and K. It works wonderfully in reducing pains and sinusitis. This is considered to be the main ingredient of essiac tea cancer.

Slippery Elm Health Benefits

The mucilage of slippery elm can soothe sore throats and suppress a cough. It can help to lower cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease with regular consumption.

Turkey Rhubarb Health Benefits

The plant contains anthraquinone which is known for its tumor cell killing ability. It can also reduce lung damage caused by radiation, helping to improve lung function in cancer patients.

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