Essiac Tea: A Cure for Cancer Treatment

Essiac tea is a brew that is named after Rene Caisse who was a nurse. The name of the tea is actually her name, which is spelt backwards. She got to know about the recipe for the tea from a patient. At that time she was tending patients in Ontario, Canada. After she became sure of the effects of the recipe, she used it on her family members to cure them of the curse of cancer. Essiac tea cancer proved to be the unexpected cure that everybody was looking for cancer. She treated thousands of patients with this special recipe and to the surprise of all; most of the patients were cured of cancer. The cured patients have become proof that the tea can cure any kind of cancer.

essiac tea cancer

Who Discovered The Recipe?

Even though Rene brewed and administered the recipe to thousands of cancer patients, she was not the discoverer of the recipe. An Ojibwa Native American medicine man was the first one who had discovered the astounding qualities of the essiac tea cancer.

How Rene Worked With The Patients Then?

Rene had to take permission to even set up the clinic. There she could only treat the patients who were terminally ill. She had to treat the patients under the watchful supervision of a qualified physician. In every few years, Rene used to make an appointment with the Minister of health for Ontario with a petition signed by 55000 patients in an effort to make her treatment legalized. Despite the efforts, the petition was never granted.

Advancement of The Formula

Nurse Caisse researched and made the recipe of the medicine man perfect. She tested various herbs in the laboratory and tested the concoction on mice and human cancer patients, in search for the perfect formula of essiac tea cancer. She reduced the number of all of the herbs and decided that only four of them are really necessary for the tea.

The Herbs

The essiac tea consists only four herbs that help the body to detoxify. The names of the four herbs are burdock root, Sheep sorrel, slippery elm, and turkey rhubarb. Rene believed that all of these four ingredients make the essiac tea cancer so special.

Burdock Root Health Benefitsessiac tea for cancer

Numerous useful compounds can be found in the burdock plants. The root contains a good amount of potassium, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc calcium and phosphorus in it. It is low in sodium, which is good for cancer patients.

Sheep Sorrel Health Benefits

This herb has an abundant treasury of Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E and K. It works wonderfully in reducing pains and sinusitis. This is considered to be the main ingredient of essiac tea cancer.

Slippery Elm Health Benefits

The mucilage of slippery elm can soothe sore throats and suppress a cough. It can help to lower cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease with regular consumption.

Turkey Rhubarb Health Benefits

The plant contains anthraquinone which is known for its tumor cell killing ability. It can also reduce lung damage caused by radiation, helping to improve lung function in cancer patients.

The Benefits of Hemp Oil: More Than You May Imagine

If you follow news article very carefully, you might have noticed that many people look out for an alternative cure for cancer. Even though there is a conventional cure for cancer, still many people are on the lookout for alternative cure. This is because that alternative cure can easily help to get relief from the side effects of chemotherapy greatly.

One such alternative cure for cancer is rick simpson oil. Basically, it is concentrated form of cannabis oil that contains zero or low amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in it and high amount of CBD in them. Many scientific studies have pointed out that the cannabinoids present in the oil prevents the spreading of the tumorous cells and checks inflammation.

One group of people from the medical fraternity is not ready to accept that hemp oil which is often obtained from the subset of marijuana plant is able to cure cancer and lot of other diseases. In short, the oil can look after numerous health benefits.

simpson oil

The Role of the Oil

The CBD rick simpson oil offers great nutritional value and therefore it promotes a healthy lifestyle.

CBD present in the oil is capable of interacting with the endocannabinoid system of the human body. The ECS is responsible for controlling various functions, such as immune response, sleep, appetite, and more.

However, it has been seen that rick simpson hemp can help to focus on the overall health. The oil contains high amount of vitamins and minerals, along with fiber, amino acids, and cannabinoids. All these elements can help functioning of the body in a proper manner.\

Health Benefits of the Oil

Even though the oil holds a lot of controversy, it would be better if one uses this oil. Unrefined form of the hemp oil is good from nutritional point of view. However, one can also go for refined form of the oil. Now, take a look at the benefits. They are:rick simpson oil

Eczema Treatment: The rick simpson oil being rich in PUFA can help people suffering from eczema. The string anti-inflammatory property can help to take care of the anti-inflammatory properties.

Treating Inflammation: People who suffer from inflammatory diseases can use hempseed oil. Being rich in omega 3 and omega 6, it can easily lower down systemic inflammation. Thus, people suffering from arthritis pain can easily use it.

Cancer: The oil can help in reducing cancer and side-effects of chemotherapy. By blocking the pathway of nutrition, it can easily starve the cancer cells. Thus, brings death of the cells.

Lower Cholesterol: The rick simpson oil can aid in lowering cholesterol and boosting the metabolic process. It helps to burn fat at a quick rate from the artery walls.

Treating Diabetes: The low carbohydrate and sugar content is very helpful for diabetic patients. The nutrient helps to keep blood sugar level in check.

Varicose Veins: The oil can make the blood thin and reduce blood clots. Thus, it can treat varicose veins easily.

These are some amazing benefits of the oil. Use this oil to lead a healthy and improved lifestyle.


Deal with depression by using CBD

According to the statistics, among 16.1 million people there are at least 6.7 % of people who are suffering from depression.  People can experience depression at any point in their life. It is not easy to get out of it and this kind of mental illness can also affect your daily activities. During the depression, the body will experience more medical symptoms due to dopamine and serotonin. So there are several ways that will help you in getting rid of these symptoms.

cbd for depression

Dealing a life with depression and antidepressant

There are many people who are suffering from several mental illnesses and most of them do not have any insurance or they are unable to afford any expensive medications. There are several options which are available at affordable prices. Always opt for the anti-depression medication that will not form any habit. There are certain side effects which come with that medication that helps you in dealing with depression and those are weight gain, irritability or nausea. This is the reason why people are more inclined towards getting natural treatment and that is why CBD for depression oil comes into the picture.

CBD oil will not make you fall in the habit of taking them even after cure and it won’t cause any side effects. Moreover, it is legal in some states where people are using the medicinal properties of CBD. Most of the people are worrying about the level of THC and the euphoric high that may come as a byproduct of CBD but this is a misconception because CBD doesn’t have a psychoactive ingredient that is found in Cannabis. It works with the endocannabinoid system and helps in managing depression. CBD for depression can easily connect to the cell receptor and stimulate the release of dopamine and serotonin that are the two neurotransmitters which are affected during the depression. It won’t cause you any kinds of side effects unlike those of the traditional prescription medication.

cbd oil for depression


No one should worry about the psychoactive reaction when they are using any cbd for depression. By using the products you won’t go in the state of being high and you can also gather all the benefits that come with it like withdrawal from certain symptoms, pain relief and reduced anxiety and many more. So you can see that there are several alternatives to many non-habit-forming drugs. CBD has very fewer side effects and it has tons of benefits. It is true that not all antidepressant will work perfectly and there are many people who are suffering in silence. So by the recent progress in the cannabis industry and how the CBD for depression oil is used for medical benefits, one can start taking the CBD vape pain in order to fight depression. So now you won’t have to suffer through the darkest days all by yourself because you have something that will help you in treating the depression.