Women’s Health Research Network

Enabling and supporting innovative groupings of researchers and research collaborations from all spheres

Fostering the generation, application, and mainstreaming of new knowledge in women’s health and gender-based research

The key functions and goals of the Women’s Health Research Network are:

  • the creation of new knowledge in the area of girls’ and women’s health research across British Columbia
  • the promotion of knowledge translation
  • the fostering of strong linkages among research collaborators
  • the mainstreaming of sex and gender in health research
  • the integration of new technologies into research and collaboration

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The Women’s Health Research Network (WHRN) is a catalyst for bringing together innovative groupings of gender and women’s health researchers and research collaborations drawn from academic, health service, policy and community settings.

It fosters the generation, application and mainstreaming of new knowledge and is specifically dedicated to women’s health research that will increase the understanding of and capacity for sex and gender-based analyses and for integrating women’s health concerns into other areas of health research.

With an inclusive, multisectoral and multidisciplinary approach to research, the WHRN encourages the brokerage of knowledge regarding the health of girls and women in BC.

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